Technical annex to the contract R PDF: TA.pdf
D1.1 Project presentation  R Powerpoint presentation - D1.1.ppt
or in PDF format D1.1.pdf
D1.2 Dissemination and Use Plan R PDF: D1.2.pdf
D1.3 Management Report 1 R PDF: D1.3.rev2.pdf
D1.4 Periodic Progress Report R PDF: D1.4.pdf
D1.5 Management Report 2 R PDF: D1.5.pdf
D1.6 Periodic Progress Report R PDF: D1.6.pdf
D1.7 Management Report 3 R PDF: D1.7.pdf
D1.8 Technology Implementation Plan R PDF: D1.8.pdf (Internal report), please contact Giorgio Metta for details
D1.9 Final Report R PDF: D1.9.pdf
D2.1 A tentative theory of intentionality and the sense of being there R PDF: D2.1.pdf
D2.2 A validated theory of intentionality and the sense of being there R PDF: D2.2.pdf
D2.3 A common psychophysical vocabulary R PDF: D2.3.pdf
D3.1 Definition and implementation of a human-like robotic setup R PDF: D3.1.pdf
D3.2 Hardware and software in place to run experiments on changing morphologies (e.g. changing resolution and motor precision) P PDF: D3.2.pdf
D3.3 A set of formal methods for the analysis of the interplay of morphology, materials and control R PDF: D3.3.pdf
D4.1 Definition of experimental paradigm R PDF: D4.1.pdf
D4.2 Definition and implementation of setup for the investigation of child development P PDF: D4.2.pdf
D4.3 Results of behavioral experiments with babies R PDF: D4.3.pdf
D4.4 Results of behavioral experiments with robot R PDF: D4.4.pdf
D5.1 System's architecture specifications and design R PDF: D5.1.pdf
D5.2 Basic unit design and implementation P PDF: D5.2.pdf
D5.3 Initial implementation of the integration model P PDF: D5.3.pdf
D5.4 Initial experiments with multiple sensory modalities integrations R PDF: D5.4.pdf
D5.5 Validation of multisensory representations R PDF: D5.5.pdf

R=report, P=prototype