Milestones and project advancement at a glance

Number Title Delivery date (month)
M1 Tentative theory formulation 7
M2 Validated theory and common vocabulary 36
M3 Different robotic setups to test the effect of morphology 12
M4 Formal analysis and first setup of conclusions 30
M5 Final evaluation of morphology changing experiments 30
M6 Human like robotic setup 15
M7 Experimental setup and paradigm (infant experiments) 12
M8 Results of behavioral (infant) experiments 30
M9 Modeling of coherent representations 33
M10 Basic unit design and implementation 12
M11 Multi-sensory modalities integration 21
M12 Artificial intentional architecture 33

Shaded (light gray) milestones were achieved, additional details can be found in the deliverables page.