Experiment 1:

The robot lifts the arm. An object is placed on the hand; pressure on the palm elicits a grasping action. After some time the robot opens the hand and the object falls. The arm goes back to the initial position. During the experiment the robot tracks the hand (roughly the palm) with the eyes.

Images and proprioception: data/Exp1.zip.

Images are log-polar, if you want to remap them use the program mapper.exe (windows):
mapper logpolar.ppm remapped.ppm

-fov extract the fovea
-lp reconstruct colors
-bmp convert output to bitmap (default is ppm/pgm)

Note: in order to run mapper.exe you need the following dlls.zip (copy them on the same folder as mapper.exe); you may also need a machine with Visual Studio 6 installed (sorry !).

- Matlab: download and unpack the following file logpolar_matlab.zip, use logpolar2Cart.m to convert a logpolar image to rectangular coordinates.